Assassin's Creed, Blood Line

Assassin's Creed, Blood Line

20th Century Fox knew that fans of the Assassin's Creed video game franchise would be excited about the upcoming movie, and know the back story of the characters, but they were concerned about everyone else.  They wanted to create a promotional video that would accomplish a couple things: tell the story of the Assassin and the Templar and how they've been fighting since the beginning of history, and also make a kick-ass video that'll get everyone excited to see the movie!  So we turned on our Xbox's and did our research.. well that might've been done already, but then we got to work and made this epic video!

  • Credits

    Director: Moving Colour

    Producer: Amanda Weidman

    Designers: Jordan Taylor

    Illustrators: Natalya Serebrennikova, Erin Kim

    Animators: Mike Burgoyne

    Compositors: Marc Steinberg, Mike Emerson

    Sound Design & Mix: Jake Kinch