Footlocker x Asics: All Runners Welcome

Footlocker x Asics: All Runners Welcome

We love traditional, pencil on paper animation, and we love Geoff’s designs, so it's no surprise we were thrilled to bring them to life with BBDO in this compilation of runners.  Given a single drawing for each runner, we explored how we could best represent each in their own special way.  With the finished piece all together, we’re left to ask, which runner are you?

  • Credits

    Director: Geoff McFetridge

    Animation Director: Brian Covalt

    Producer: Garrett Braren

    Designer: Geoff McFetridge

    Animators: Molly Burgess, Stanton Cameron, Courtland Lomax, Kavan Magsoodi, Jovanna Tosello, Matt Wade

    Compositors: Cadeth Andrews, Kavan Magsoodi

    Editor: Cadeth Andrews

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