"Share the Story"

"Share the Story" - A Mashup Preview

To create "Share the Story", an internal video about a company's heritage and future, we teamed up with production studio Partizan and directing duo Adam Bolt & Hoku Uchiyama to create an immersive visual experience, compositing 2D hand-drawn animation onto live-action footage of these hand-crafted storybooks.  It was a challenging but rewarding process working in the two hemispheres of production between live-action and animation, and we had the best time doing it with Hoku & Adam skillfully directing the videos in their unique and creative style!


(Music by Jon Hopkins)

  • Credits

    Directors: Adam Bolt & Hoku Uchiyama

    Animation Director: Brian Covalt

    Producer: Jessica Le

    Designers: Brian Covalt, Katie Rose

    Animators: Katie Rose, Angela Chang, Tiffany Wei, Hannah Han, Jessica Poon

    Compositors: Scott Peters, Capac Roberts, Matt Barrera

    Sound Design & Mix: Jake Kinch