Pitching & Pitching.

February 6, 2020

Pitching on potential productions is the name of the game, and honestly it can be one of the more exciting stages of a project because it's when we get to really explore and start from square one without limitation. We're mindful of what the clients goals are, and what we think will work best (and win us the job), but in the process of those early designs, a lot of times we'll discover things we hadn't originally expected. Through this exploratory phase we sometimes end up with designs that we fall in love with though they may not suite the job they were originally intended for. In that case, we'll keep these designs nearby for future projects or personal work that we want to develop.

"We're mindful of what the clients goals are... but in the process of those early designs...we'll discover things we hadn't originally expected"

For this particular pitch, (designed by Ryan Whiteley), Ryan started some illustrations that fit closely to what was needed for the project. However, as Ryan continued working, he saw some fresh ideas that he wanted to explore more. He tried on a few different color variations, some alternate subjects and views, and even roughed out a small animation test within ProCreate!

(rough animation by Ryan Whiteley)

The following designs are a few examples that show the evolution from what started with the client request, but then took a left turn and became something interesting on its own.

by Brian Covalt