Alaska Airlines, Mileage Plan

Simple, clean, elegant - that was the goal we were given when partnering with Cats On The Roof and the Rauxa team to develop this explainer for Alaska Airlines. Alaska had recently acquired Virgin Air and wanted to update their customers on how the new Mileage Plan system would work, and show how much of an advantage this plan has over the many other frequent flier plans out there, (we were quickly convinced ourselves!). As our design team continued to whittle away any unnecessary elements from the visuals we came to a place that felt minimal and strong, clearly communicating the structure of the Mileage Plan that left Alaska Airlines thrilled with the finished product.

Client: Alaska Airlines
Director: Moving Colour
Animation Producer: Jane Cohen
Design: Robyn Baker, Mike Calvert
Animation: Matt Barrera, Brian Covalt

Sound Design/Mix: Jacob Kinch

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