The Black Tux - FAQs

The Black Tux previously had a detailed FAQ page where they'd answer all kinds of questions related to wearing a tuxedo, like "Do I button all the buttons on my suit?". Then they had the idea to have a bit more fun with it and have a series of animated videos that'd answer those questions.

We partnered up with Ways & Means, with designs from Christopher Delorenzo to create 15 animated answers to those most frequently asked questions.

Client: The Black Tux
Animation Director: Brian Covalt
Producer: Jacqueline Sheng
Design: Christopher Delorenzo, Nate Wragg
Animation: Anna Li, Yachen Cui, Susan Curry
Storyboard: Zachary Shore
Compositing: Yachen Cui
Made by Moving Colour

for Ways & Means
Director: Felipe Lima
Executive Producer: Jett Steiger
Producer: Lauren Skillen

Early Design Concepts by Nate Wragg

Storyboards w/ Scratch VO