Brockhampton's "Sugar" Music Video

Getting back into some old school clay-mation for this music video for Brockhampton was fire! We knew we’d be animating a sad, lonely sun in the sky for this song, so we started with building character designs to see what fit the world best.  Once we had our favorite designs in place (thanks for the tips, Kevin Abstract) we then did a rough-pass of 2D animation to serve as a roadmap for the stop-motion that’d follow.  Fabricating the model out of clay took a few try’s as we learned more of the characteristics of the clay, what worked well and what did not.  We were then ready to shoot the stop-motion performances for the video, singing “Do you love me, love me, love me”, looking as sad and despondent as a sun can be.

Client: Brockhampton
Partnered with: Ways & Means
Director: Kevin Abstract
Animation Director: Brian Covalt
Character Design: Ryan Whiteley
Character Animation: Brian Covalt, Morgan Pabst
Stop-motion Animation: Matthew Wade
Animation Assistant: Naomi Bethel

Animation By Moving Colour

Sun Character Designs