Hidden Figures - Happy 98th Birthday Katherine Johnson

The good guys at Cats On The Roof agency called us up with an urgent request from Fox - they wanted to make a promotional video for their upcoming movie "Hidden Figures", but have it ready by the birthday of the hero character in the movie, Katherine Johnson - and that was only 10 days away!

Were we up for the challenge? You betcha.

At lightning speed we designed, animated, made some quick revisions, and wrapped up this 1-minute video about Katherine's amazing story as a brilliant mathematician for NASA. Go team!

Client: 20th Century Fox
Director: Moving Colour
Producer: Amanda Weidman
Design: Arpine Aleksanyan, Annie Liao
Animation: Mike Burgoyne, Natalya Serebrennikova, Annie Liao

Sound Design/Mix: Jake Kinch