DisneyXD, Artists IDs with Sam Levine

DisneyXD, Artists IDs with Sam LevineIt was an absolute thrill to be able to join up with director Sam Levine on this video for Disney XD!  Sam wrote a little song, storyboarded it, and designed all the characters.  Ryan Shore orchestrated the music and produced it, (with Sam singing, along with Rena Strober and Ryan).  The amazing Tom Bancroft lead the way with the rough animation and our incredible animation crew fleshed it out, cleaned it up, inked, painted, added VFX, composited, sprinkled in some SFX and slapped it all together!

Check out the video below to see some of Tom's rough animation and the process that brought it to final!

Client: DisneyXD
Director: Sam Levine
Animation Producer: Jessica Le
Design: Sam Levine
Animation: Tom Bancroft, Brian Covalt, Hayden Patterson, Angela Chang, Katie Rose, Tiffany Wei, Jessica Poon, Matt Barrera

Music: Sam Levine, Ryan Shore, Rena Strober
Sound Design & Mix: Jacob Kinch

A Making of, Process Compilation

Our Animation Team, (sans Tom Bancroft in Tennessee)

Alternate cutdowns