ESD, Earth Space Defense for Independence Day: Resurgence

Getting ready for the release of the summer blockbuster, "Independence Day: Resurgence", Fox wanted to create these promo videos that would get fans psyched for the new movie, giving a few winks to the original film from 1996. We had a lot of fun with this, and got nostalgic while designing the "uploading virus" scene, remembering the impression that the original movie made on us 20 years ago!

Jeff Goldblum was an all-star and we loved working with whatever he delivered us.  Make sure to also watch the additional video below, "Space Wall" and see if it causes any current news come to mind.

Client: 20th Century Fox
Director: Moving Colour
Animation Producer: Amanda Weidman
Design: Brian Covalt, Matt Barrera, Frank Titoni
Animation: Matt Barrera, Frank Titoni, Brian Covalt

Voice Over: Jeff Goldblum
Sound Design/Mix: Jake Kinch