Katy Perry, "Daisies" Music Video

For "Daisies" we teamed up with directors Vallée Duhamel and animation studio 2Veinte in Buenos Aires, together with Partizan in Los Angeles! Julien Vallée and Eve Duhamel were truly an amazing director duo to work with; their concepts and creativity were so inspiring as we collaborated together for their first animated video. Animation partner 2Veinte were incredible!  Their animation team was top-notch, and the creative direction from Pablo Gostanian got this video to where it is under an extremely tight deadline.  One of the most collaborative projects we've ever done, and also one of the most rewarding!

Client: Universal Music Group / Katy Perry
Partnered with: Partizan Entertainment & 2Veinte
Executive Producer: Sara Nix
Director: Vallée Duhamel
Producer: Brian Covalt
Animation Director: Brian Covalt
Design: Ryan Whiteley, Amanda Penley
Storyboards: Megan Thornton, Marky Szram
Animation: Morgan Pabst, Connor Hoffmann, Clarisse Chua

2Veinte Animation Production
Creative & Art Director: 
Pablo Gostanian
Executive Director: Agustin Valcarenghi
Production Managers: Agustina Kröl, Pilar Megna
Illustration Supervisor: Nahuel Sagarnaga
Illustration Team: Nahuel Sagarnaga, Ailen Sbrizza, Luciana Criscuolo, Eugenia Beizo, Daniela Acosta
Cel Animation Director: Israel Giampietro, Fernando Toninello, Sebastian Garcia, Diego Polieri, Lisandro Schurjin
Additional Cel Animation: Facundo Garcia, Gaston Herrera, Eugenia Beizo, Yasmin Hanna, Denise Cirone
Clean Up Supervisor: Sebastian Garcia
Clean Up Team: Sebastian Garcia, Agostina Salvemini, Facundo Garcia, Lisandro Schurjin, Eugenia Beizo, Gustavo Wenzel, Gaston Herrera, Adrian Peralta, Sol Aspiroz
3D Supervisor: Mateo Vallejo
3D Models: Alex Gostanian, Mateo Vallejo, Facundo Brunella, Juan Codó, Christian Segura
2D & 3D Animation: Mateo Vallejo, Alex Gostanian, Facundo Brunella
General Compositing: Alcides Izaguirre

Katy's Character Turnaround Sheet

Style Frames

Style Frame Camera Previs