Kindle In Motion - "The Real Thing"

Amazon Publishing published a series of 6 short stories called "The Real Thing" that were released through Kindle In Motion - a new thing they're doing with the Kindle app where the reader gets to view subtle animations as illustrations in the books come to life.

The short stories were written by 6 different authors: Eddie Huang, Melissa DePino, W. Kamau Bell, Jade Chang, Wednesday Martin, and Samantha Allen.

Geoff McFetridge did the illustrations for each story and handed off those designs for us to bring to life with animation.  Below are a few of our favorites from the series.  To see the complete collection check out the books through Kindle - $2 each, or free with Prime!

Client: Amazon Publishing
Animation Director: Brian Covalt
Producer: Sierra Gonzales
Illustration: Geoff McFetridge
Animation: Tiffany Wei, Anna Li, Kevin Olvera, Brian Covalt

Animation By Moving Colour