Chase - Kneading Dough, Season 4

The "Kneading Dough" series from Uninterrupted and Chase interviews superstar athletes where they discuss life-changing amounts of money, hosted by former NFL player, Andrew Hawkins.  We teamed up with Neat Edit to produce the animation for Season 4.  Here, boxing legend Laila Ali (daughter of Muhammad Ali) talks about the financial lessons she learned from her dad and the knowledge she gained on her own along the way.

Client: Chase + Uninterrupted
Partnered with: Neat Edit
Producer: Dominique Schweighofer
Project Coordinator: Jordan Metz
Animation Director: Brian Covalt
Animation: Miriam Palopoli, Rafael Braga, Pujesh Joshi, Chie Moon, Michelle Garcia, Morgan Pabst, Raag Raisinghani
Design: Uninterrupted

Early Character Puppet Motion Test

Before we recorded the talent and had their faces and dialogue to work with, we needed to build some character animation tests with the rigs we had built to get a sense of how the motion would work. In the sample below we used stills for each of the characters faces and worked to achieve as much personality and gesturing using only body movement.

Character Animation for Laila Ali from Episode 2