Le Futur

The French fashion designer Pierre Cardin has lived an extraordinary life, and at 97 years old much can be said about his life and career.  We created this 11-minute short documentary to tell a piece of his story, directed by Matthew Miller with Ways and Means.  The project started with Paula Wallace, president of SCAD and longtime friend of Pierre’s, wanting to create a short animated film about Pierre’s influential life from his earliest memories as a child to this present day.  The production was about a 6-month process from beginning to end and we had an incredible time crafting this traditionally animated film by hand.

Produced by: SCAD, Ways and Means
Director: Matthew Miller
Animation Director: Brian Covalt
Animation Producer: Natalie Garcia Mayor, Simrun Dhugga
Design: Grace Poole, Ryan Whiteley
Animation: Alyx Jolivet, Casey White, Cindy Yang, Clarisse Chua, Connor Hoffmann, Jackie Files, Joseph Nate Lowe, Matthew Wade, Michael Nahem, Morgan Pabst, Siobhan Ensley, Tessa Lowe, Timm Daza

3D Animation: John Van Unen
Erin Bradley
Editor: S
ean Leonard, Matthew Miller
Angie Hewitt, Jon Paramel, Matthew Wong, Rae Huang, Sea Imaki
Original Score:
Ali Helnwein
Post-production Sound:
LIME Studios
Animation By Moving Colour