Le Futur - Pierre Cardin Trailer

The French fashion designer Pierre Cardin has lived an extraordinary life, and at 97 years old much can be said about his life and career.  We are proud to present the trailer for this 11-minute short documentary to tell a piece of his story, directed by Matthew Miller with Ways and Means.  The project started with Paula Wallace, president of SCAD and longtime friend of Pierre’s, wanting to create a short animated film about Pierre’s influential life from his earliest memories as a child to this present day.  The production was about a 6-month process from beginning to end and we had an incredible time crafting this traditionally animated film by hand. Coming winter 2020.

Produced by: SCAD, Ways & Means
Director: Matthew Miller
Animation Director: Brian Covalt
Animation Producer: Natalie Garcia Mayor, Simrun Dhugga
Design: Grace Poole, Ryan Whiteley
Animation: Alyx Jolivet, Casey White, Cindy Yang, Clarisse Chua, Connor Hoffmann, Jackie Files, Joseph Nate Lowe, Matthew Wade, Michael Nahem, Morgan Pabst, Siobhan Ensley, Tessa Lowe, Timm Daza

3D Animation: John Van Unen
Erin Bradley
Editor: S
ean Leonard, Matthew Miller
Angie Hewitt, Jon Paramel, Matthew Wong, Rae Huang, Sea Imaki
Original Score:
Ali Helnwein
Post-production Sound:
LIME Studios
Animation By Moving Colour