"Plastiki and the Material of the Future" Documentary

In documentary “Plastiki,” director Vern Moen wanted to utilize a classic style of animation to explain different aspects of recycling in a way that would educate the audience without putting them to sleep. We were excited to be on board – not only for the creative challenge but to be part a film with an important message. Alec Baldwin’s narration, Nate Wragg’s art direction, and some great work from our team resulted in over 11 minutes of fun, stylized, and informative animation.

Client: Long Beach Film Company
Director: Vern Moen
Animation Director: Brian Covalt
Production Designer: Nate Wragg
Design: Adam Rosette

Animation: Courtland Lomax, Song Kim, Anastasia Diavatopoulos, Esther Shin, Janelle Miau, Jahmad Rollins
Compositing: Darren Shaw, Rich Ramazinski, Jason Stovall, Marisa Ledina
Production Assistant: Spencer Ockwell