Shangri-La Title Sequence

It was a rare opportunity getting to work for the legendary music producer, Rick Rubin, on this opening title sequence for the new Showtime four-part docu-series “Shangri-La”.  Conceptualized by Geoff McFetridge, we worked with his designs in hand-drawn animation to evolve the line from one moment to the next, ending with the “Shangri-La” title.Be sure to check out the mini-series on Showtime, it’s excellent!

Client: Showtime
Director: Geoff McFetridge
Animation Director: Brian Covalt
Design: Geoff McFetridge
Animation: Siobhan Ensley, Dana Plasterer, Jackie Files, Tessa Lowe

Compositing: Brian Covalt
Animation By Moving Colour

Geoff McFetridge Key Storyboard Designs