SyFy25, Sana Amanat & Ms. Marvel

Production company, Laundry got in touch with us about a  project for the SyFy network they were going to be producing and asked if we'd collaborate with them on one of the animated videos they'd be creating.  What stood out to them about Moving Colour was our taste for hand-drawn animation and approaching the stories from a more traditional perspective as opposed to some of the others that would be more graphic or 3D.  We were happy to embrace this and worked with them on how to best tell the story of Sana Amanat, the creator of Ms. Marvel.

Client: SyFy Network
Animation Director: Brian Covalt
Producer: Jacqueline Sheng
Design: Allison Perry, Sara Kipin
Animation: Matthew Wade, Joshua Kallinowski, Vesela Stamenova, Kathryn Rose

Storyboard: Zachary Shore
Compositing: George Moise
Interns: Anna Li, Melanie Duke
Made by Moving Colour

Executive Creative Directors: PJ Richardson & Tony Liu
Managing Director: James Sweigert
Executive Producer: Garrett Braren
Producer: Mickey Briggs

Additional Producing: Laura Yurich
Coordinator: Caroline Mortimer
Storyboard & Concept: Laundry & Moving Colour