Target's 2016 "Made To Matter" Campaign

We started with Target on their "Made To Matter" campaign in 2015, and for 2016 they were looking for more of the same great ideas from Geoff McFetridge and that charming, simple illustrated look that fits so well with their hand-picked natural products that are part of the Made To Matter line in their stores. For the animation in these commercial spots, we consciously keep the animation reserved and simple, almost "wooden" so as to communicate the scene in as simple a way as we can, staying consistent with Geoff's direction in how he draws the characters and environments. Strip away any extra information that you can and tell the story in it's simplest, purest form.

Check out the images below to see some of our team animating in traditional 2D fashion, but working digitally in TVPaint as an alternative to pencil on paper.

Client: Target
Director: Geoff McFetridge
Animation Director:
Brian Covalt
Animation Producer: Dawn Fidrick
Design: Geoff McFetridge
Animation: Matt Wade, Matt Barrera, Hayden Patterson, Katie Rose, Joy Yang, Marcelo Chavez, Thierno Bah, Rigel Yaluk

Sound Design/Mix: Jake Kinch